National Hole-In-One, with offices in Atlanta and London, is the world’s oldest and largest provider of hole-in-one insurance and prize insurance for golf events as well as other prize services. We benefit thousands of charitable organizations each year.

Our hole-in-one insurance is perfect if you are having a large, small, corporate or charity golf event. Our hole-in-one insurance, and all the services that come with it, will give you the assurance that your event will make you look like a golf pro!

Our Prize Insurance Is Designed To Help You Feel Comfortable Offering Great Prizes

Our prize insurance will help you offer bigger and better prizes for your golf event. If anyone makes a hole-in-one at your event, prize insurance will cover the cost of the prize. The beauty of our prize insurance is that it can cover more than just a hole in one competition, it  covers putting contests and million dollar shootout competitions. Not only do we cover golf events, but we cover most types of sports events. Our prize insurance can be used for almost any sport. If you have questions, please call us we  are happy to answer them for you.

Dependable Hole-In-One Coverage

As pioneers of the hole-in-one concept since 1981, we’ve provided civic groups, automobile dealers, country clubs, resorts, corporations, radio and television stations and thousands of charitable organizations with reliable hole-in-one prize coverage. NHIO makes it easy for you to create a high-profile event, by allowing you to offer a prize worth up to $1 million for a hole-in-one. Let’s say you select a par 3 hole, if one of your event’s lucky golfers should make an ace on this selected hole, NHIO will pay for the prize.

About Us

National Hole-In-One, with offices in Atlanta and London and underwritten by Great American Insurance Group, is the world’s oldest and largest provider of golf event prize services benefiting thousands of charities and corporate golf events each year. NHIO has covered over 300,000 events and paid out over $50 million dollars in prizes and cash since 1981. Experience that pays!

Complete Hole-In-One Package

National Hole-In-One (NHIO) offers the most complete hole-in-one promotion package around. Our package includes promotional materials you will need to combine the thrill of golf with the added enticement of  fantastic hole-in-one prizes. Your tournament package includes customized hole-in-one sponsor signs, NHIO-sponsored bonus hole prizes with signs, express delivery plus much more.

Golf Promotions By NHIO

At NHIO, we offer the best hole-in-one insurance, golf signs and banners, easiest witness requirements and more. We deliver great events for everyone, whether you are just playing in the golf tournament or planning the entire event yourself, National Hole-In-One can help.

If you are planning a charity golf tournament and have still not decided on what your prize should be, our team is ready to assist you with fast, easy quotes, the most flexible terms, outstanding signs, valuable prizes and the highest level of service in the industry. We offer more choices with promotional insurance for charity golf tournaments, up to a million dollar hole in one competitions and shootouts. With our promotional insurance,  you can rest assured that no matter what size your prize is, you will be covered. With National Hole-In-One’s promotional insurance, we can cover hole in one prizes valued up to $1,000,000 or more!

Highest Service Standards

Nobody covers all the details of your hole-in-one promotion like National Hole-In-One. Plus, we provide reliable, responsive service including express delivery, 24-hr processing, acceptance of all major credit cards and much more. Our team is ready to assist you with fast, easy quotes, the most flexible terms, outstanding signs, valuable prizes, and the highest level of service in the industry. We offer more choices, more fun and even more excitement, don’t settle for less! We are the proud winners of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the service sector.