Contest Add-Ons

Start and finish your event with a bang with our contest add-ons from as low as $100

  • Quick and Simple
  • Fun for all skill levels
  • Big Prizes at little costs
  • $5,000 Envelope Draw Add-Ons
  • Putting Add-Ons, Shootout Add-Ons, Million Dollar Shots available

Contest Add-Ons

Add a Contest Add-on for As Low As $100!

Contest add-ons are fun and easy for all that attend and compete

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Contest Add-Ons

Example of a Putting Contest Add-On

Select Contestants

1 Select Contestants

Select contestants through a random draw in a raffle or through a skills contest on the practice green prior to the event. A skills contest allows every player a putt from 5 feet.

2 Semi Finals

Everyone who makes the 5 foot putt from the skills contest, comes back for the semi finals. In the semi finals, the closest to the hole or the one who makes it from 10 feet moves on to the finals.

Semi Finals
Advance to Finals

3 Advance to Finals

For the finals, you’ll set up a putt on a different green or from a different direction at 60 feet or more. The finalist golfer will take one putt from 60 feet, if they make the putt National Hole-In-One pays $2,500 for the prize.

Contest add-ons are the perfect way to add excitement and spruce up any event or golf tournament with fun additional ways to win cash or prizes. We offer everything from putting add-ons, envelope draw add-ons to shootout add-ons, all are quick, easy and simple to implement.


Finish your event with a big bang with a Shootout Add-On. Allow players who qualified in the event through closest to the pin or any other method a chance to go to the 18th hole and shoot from 165 yards for a prize up to $100,000.

# Of Contestants Yard Cost Prize Value
2 Contestants 165 yards $100 $100,000
4 Contestants 165 yards $100 $50,000

Million Dollar Shots

Get an Add-On with a Million Dollar Shootout from as low as $180.
Take one contestant from 165 yards with a chance to win $1,000,000 payable in 480 equal monthly installments. When purchased with tournament hole-in-one insurance, the cost is only $180 and is a quick final event with a chance to get everyone together for the big shot.

$5,000 Envelope Draw

Cost: $175

Contest Concept:
At the Awards Ceremony a contestant will be given the opportunity to select two (2) envelopes out of twenty (20) envelopes and open the two (2) envelopes. If the person opens the correct two (2) envelopes revealing: “Grand” and “Prize”, then the person would win $5,000. Otherwise they win a selected golf prize.

Client Will Receive:

  • 1 – Envelope to read: “Grand”
  • 1 – Envelope to read: “Prize”
  • 18 – Envelopes to read: “Selected Golf Club”

Exciting Contest Add-ons

Get a contest add-on for your golf tournament!

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