Tournament organizers that are considering purchasing prize insurance for the first time seem to be under the impression that it will be too costly for their small event. The costs associated with this type insurance and can range from $200 to $1000 depending on your coverage package and how many golfers are attending your event. Before you think insurance is out of the realm of possibility, consider the benefits of sponsorship.

At National Hole-In-One, the majority (70 to 90 percent) of the prizes for these contests are sponsored. This means that the name on the signs for the contest is not the same name as the event’s organizers. Actually, the majority of events that have contests like this are not sponsored by the event organizers.

You are probably wondering who sponsors hole in one contests. The answer may surprise you. Many local businesses are willing to take part in these events. A large number of these contests are sponsored by local car dealerships. These businesses get a tremendous boost from the advertising potential. Because of this, businesses are willing to spend the money to support a local golf tournament’s hole in one contest. Contact us today for more ideas of how you can get your event sponsored and sign up for National Hole in One Insurance.