People often ask us about the importance of Hole in One Insurance. A hole in one is one of the most impressive accomplishments in golf. Also referred to as an ace, we truly believe that any golfer that achieves a hole in one demonstrates a combination of luck and considerable talent, which should be rewarded. It has become commonplace for golf tournaments to feature contests to get more golfers out to their event. We specialize in insuring the putting contests and prizes that bring the players out to participate.

The most popular contest held during a golf tournament is the hole in one contest. The tournament director usually insures the prizes offered by acquiring a hole in one insurance policy. A hole in one insurance policy from NHIO allows the tournament director to feel at ease should a golfer get a hole in one during their tournament. If this rare event occurs, National Hole-In-One is responsible for covering the costs of the prizes. Hole in one prizes can include anything from cash awards to prizes like jewelry, cars or anything you can dream up that constitutes a prize.

Hole in One Insurance coverage starts at $104 and covers the cost of prizes won by hitting a hole in one on par 3 holes. National Hole-In-One offers bonus prize packages that include your choice from our electronic and golf equipment prizes. Our prize package also includes signs at every par 3 hole to inform golfers of what they can win.