Prize Insurance

Capture the attention of your unique audience and cover the risk of having a large Grand Prize offering.

  • Increase Publicity
  • Build Traffic
  • Increase Sales

Prize Insurance

Prize Insurance For All Types Of Events

Over 100+ promotional insurance coverages

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Prize Insurance

We have over 100 different promotional insurance coverages

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We provide insurance for many industries. Our purpose and specialty is to help design a fun, exciting, cost effective promotion for car dealerships, showrooms, sporting events, media events, trade shows, direct mail promos, charity, corporate, in-store and online contests

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If you’re looking to increase publicity, build traffic, or increase sales, we have the right contest insurance program for you. National Hole-In-One, will help you capture the attention of your unique audience and cover the risk of having a large Grand Prize offering.

Our promotional insurance programs as well as expert advice on running a selected promotion will help you be at ease as we eliminate the risk and make your event look bigger.

Contest Prize Insurance works with your industry!

Although National Hole-In-One is number one when it comes to bringing excitement to golf tournaments around the world with its hole in one insurance prizes, we are also the leading provider of prize coverage to industries outside of golf.

Our contest insurance programs are backed by Great American Insurance Group. If you would like to know more about how our promotional insurance can work for you, please go to or call us at 800-527-6944.

Our Contest Insurance promotions are used by a wide variety of industries

Automotive, Furniture, Jewelers, Charities, Corporate functions, Trade shows, and many more!
Here are just a few of our most popular contests:

  • Direct Mail
  • Dice Roll
  • Safe Cracker
  • Lucky Envelope
  • Conditional Rebates
  • Duck Races
  • Airplane Tosses
  • Guess the Stock Market
  • Item Matches
  • Match and Win
  • Fishing Contests
  • Matching Weight
  • Tagged Fish
  • State Record
  • World Record Birthday Match
  • Music Countdown
  • Lucky Number
  • Lucky Key Field Goal Kicks
  • Half Court Shots
  • Hockey Shots
  • Baseball Targets
  • Event Insurance
  • Non-Appearance & so much more!

We can give you professional advice on running special promotions and our insurance programs will help eliminate some of the risks involved.