Fun, Affordable Gifts for Golfers

'Tis the season to be shopping for all of the people in your life! While you may be marking some names off of your list, maybe you have a person[…]


Fun, Affordable Gifts for Golfers

Funny Awards to Add to Your Next Golf Tournament

No matter if it is a tournament for charity, work, or family outing, there are things that can be done to add some friendly competition to your next golf tournament. It could be as simple as adding some funny prizes and awards that you either do or don't want to win. Not one tournament participant will complain about adding a little fun to your next golf outing, and if they do, they are probably deserving of one of the golf outing award ideas to follow.[...]

What is Closest to the Pin?

Have you ever witnessed a Closest to the Pin contest? It is another crowd-generating competition that we offer to hold at your charity golf tournament. And just like a Hole In One contest, the Closest to the Pin contest takes place on a par 3 hole. Typically, both contests will be held on the same hole as well.[...]

Best Golf Apps of 2019

The days of relying solely on your golf professional for weekly lessons to elevate your golf game are gone. In this technology driven world, there are so many new gadgets and applications on the market that are designed to teach you new techniques that improve certain golf skills. From more accurate GPS and rangefinder apps to even giving you tips on how to perfect your slice; technology has become a vital part of your golf game. In fact, some of these apps can even tell you what club you need to use! With so many new apps on the market, how do you know which ones are best? Let’s dive into which apps are considered the best golf apps of 2019![...]

September Promotions!

We are all about bundling and saving, and there’s always an opportunity to treat your guests at your ceremony after the golf tournament. This month's bundle gives you an opportunity to do just that![...]

A Golf Player's Bucket List

Every golfer you know and love, whether they are a hardcore golf enthusiast or the casual golfer who plays a few times a year, has a golfing bucket list! Yes, every golf player’s bucket list has the normal things in it like make a hole in one, hit a 300-yard drive, and break 80 for the first time! But – what about the bigger things like bucket list golf courses and great golf trips that are “must do’s” before your time is up? Or maybe even an ultimate golf experience like meeting Tiger Woods? We’ve done some research and spoke with some of our golfers here at National Hole-In-One, and here’s what we’ve found![...]

Tour Championship Predictions

After what has been an amazing season, it is almost playoff time concluding at the Tour Championship in Atlanta. It seems strange to be gearing up for the event so early in the year, however, with the last major complete, it does give us a great idea of who the on-form players are.[...]

Longest Drive Summer Event

The end of summer is here and what better way to close out summer than to offer our Longest Drive Sales Event. The Longest Drive is one of our most popular add-on contests that will draw a crowd and gives golfers in your tournament a chance to grip it and rip it![...]

Fun Ways to Play Golf During Summer

Do you love playing golf so much that you are looking for new ways to play the game this summer? Let's go beyond your typical golf game with your same group on the same days of the week. While playing regular golf can be fun with your family and friends, we want to help you take it to the next level with some goofy golf ideas that include some silly golf rules for the course. Here are several ways for you to play golf during the summer just for fun! Check them out and share with your friends:[...]

Star Spangled Banner Promotion

In honor of the holiday, take advantage of our spectacular Star Bangled Banner promotion! Book your hole in one contract by July 31st and add on our best-selling 2’ x 5’ foot banner for only $30! That’s half the regular price![...]