Attention Tournament Directors: Here's How to Run a Successful Golf Tournament

A golf tournament is a brilliant way to host corporate clients or a fundraising event. It's also a great way to sell additional sponsorships and[…]


Attention Tournament Directors: Here's How to Run a Successful Golf Tournament

Why You Should Gear Your Next Tournament Towards Ladies

It is a golfer’s dream to produce several Hole In Ones over the course of their career, and the number of women dreaming about landing numerous career Hole In Ones is increasing significantly. While golf remains immensely popular among men, there is an ever-growing number of women who are competing at a high level. It is currently the fastest growing female sport- media attention is building professional women’s golf as a powerful brand to attract younger women to the sport and its venues.[...]

Fun Facts About Hole In Ones

Here at National Hole-In-One, we’re crazy about the #HoleInOne. It’s in our name! In our appreciation of this rare and notable feat, we’ve scoured the web to share some fun facts about them. Some of them are well-known, and others not so much.[...]

Odds Of Making A Hole In One

Since Hole In Ones are our business here at National Hole-In-One, we are often asked, “what are the odds of making one?” Some believe that the chances of getting a Hole In One are 10,000 to 1. Others claim that the odds are 100,000 to 1. Well, we’re here to settle the debate.[...]

You Won’t Believe How Former PGA Tour Pro John Morgan Celebrated His Hole In One

Why do golfers always carry two pairs of trousers with them? …In case they had a Hole In One.[...]


So you’re hosting an event…[...]