How to Run a Golf Tournament | National Hole-In-One


How to Run a Golf Tournament | National Hole-In-One

A golf tournament is a brilliant way to host corporate clients or a fundraising event. It's also a great way to sell additional sponsorships and maximize profits at the same time. Follow the initial steps below to get started and be sure to download our step-by-step guide- it will help you begin planning 12 months in advance and includes all of your necessary follow-up, pre and post tournament.

1. When & Where
Determine the location of your tournament as well as the date/time. Remember, it is all about being prepared, so do your research to ensure there are no other major scheduling conflicts (i.e. travel holidays, concerts, etc.).

2. Select a Format
Determine what kind of format (as well as contests, such as putting contests or million dollar shot) is a great fit for the event. The format chosen will determine the number of players that sign up, the amount of time it takes to complete each round and how entertained your players are.

3. Advertise
Figure out the most appropriate method to attract players. Tournament flyers, press releases, social media, email lists, and cold calling large companies can all do the trick. A tip: Build a web presence early - advertising can sometimes be a tricky and daunting affair. It's important to get out there early for your tournament event to work and developing a web presence early is among the best ways to do it!

5. Finalize
In the months prior to your golf tournament, finalize your entry form design, menu and budget. It is also important to finalize and order your promotional materials, tee prizes and awards. Having these details set and ready will make you feel more confident.

6. Make it the first of many

After everything goes as planned, follow up with interested participants. Pass along the amount of cash the charity raised through the tournament. If everything is in order, arrange to have the same tournament on the same course at the same time the following year.

Proper planning is key to pulling off a perfect golf event. Call us today at (888) 527-6944 to obtain prize coverage and to see how our golf promotions could work for your tournament!

Click below for our step-by-step guide to help ensure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently.

Click Here to View Golf Planner

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