Best Hole in Ones of All Time


Best Hole in Ones of All Time

A hole in one is what every golfer dreams of accomplishing in a lifetime. In one amazing swing, the ball lands right in the cup. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Through the years, there have been a number of unbelievable holes in one captured. Check out the top holes in one and let us know which is the best hole-in-one of all time!

David Toms in the 2001 PGA Championship

A 5-wood is a club that’s difficult to land softly and generates virtually no backspin, so it’s rare that you’ll see a hole in one shot with this type of club. That’s part of what makes it so unbelievable when David Toms knocked his 243-yard tee shot right up the center of the fairway at the par-3 15th hole at the Atlanta Athletic Club. David Toms managed to hit an incredibly soft landing for such an aggressive hit.

Tiger Woods at the 1997 Waste Management Phoenix Open

Tiger Woods made the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale famous when he drilled a hole in one. Although Tiger Woods made his first hole in one at the tender age of 6, this shot was one of the most memorable of his career only 15 years later. The crowd went crazy after the hole in one was made and people even began throwing beer bottles in the air! Watch one of the top hole in ones, here:

Fuzzy Zoeller at 2006 Allianz Championship

Fuzzy Zoeller’s hole in one just might be the craziest shot we’ve ever seen. Zoeller’s shot seems to defy the law of physics, being stationary for at least 3 seconds before going over a slight ridge and into the hole. We’re not sure how this happened, but it’s truly incredible and one of the top hole in ones! See one of the best hole in ones, here:

Martin Kaymer at Masters Practice

Martin Kaymer was warming up at a Monday practice round of the Masters and skipped his golf ball across the drink, onto the green, and into the cup! Although it was just a practice round, the crowd goes crazy! It is surely one of the top hole in ones. Watch for yourself, here:

Mark Eaton at Celebrity Classic

Although golf is usually a refined, sophisticated sport, that didn’t stop the crowd from going wild on Mark Eaton’s hole in one at the Celebrity Classic! Once he realizes his shot goes in, everyone runs all over the course, their hands raised victoriously. Not only did Mark Eaton get a hole in one, but he also won a million bucks, which could quite possibly make it the best hole in one of all time.

Phil Mickelson at the 2008 Scottish Open

Mickelson is a fan favorite among golfers and hit his best hole in one at the 2008 Scottish Open. As he tees off, he hopes to get his ball in a good position for a putt. His tee shot ended up bounding up once then slowly rolling closer and closer to the hole until it finally falls in.

Vijay Sing’s Hole in One

When you think your ball is going to come close to water, you probably think it’s going to sink straight down to the bottom of the pond. That’s probably what Vijay Singh thought, too. However, Vijay manages to skip his ball across the water, bounce it up onto the green and make it into the hole. He didn’t expect it to go in, nor did anyone else! Do you think defying the odds this much constitutes as the best hole in one?

James Kingston Tests His Luck at the Dunhill Championship in 2002

This may just be the luckiest hole in one -- ever. James Kingston hits his ball, which bounces off a tree, onto the green and into the hole. It was quite a spectacle at the Dunhill Championship in 2002!

Longest Known Hole in One: Best Hole in One of All Time?

While par-5 aces are rare, they can happen from time to time! On July 4, 2002, a golfer named Mike Crean teed off with a driver on the 517-yard No. 9 hole at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver, Colorado. He drove the green, but when he and his playing companions reached the green, he noticed his ball was in the hole. While no one saw the ball roll into the hole, he and his three playing partners swore affidavits attesting to the hole in one and it is recognized by the US Golf Register, a hole in one clearinghouse.

Create Buzz with a Hole in One Contest at your Next Golf Tournament

We think these are some of the best holes in one of all time! What do you think?

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