Odds Of Making A Hole In One


Odds Of Making A Hole In One

A hole in one is the perfect combination of luck and skill. You need both to shoot a perfect ace! While it seems impossible to shoot a hole in one from over 100 yards away, it really isn’t. Although rare, professional and amateur golfers make hole in ones all the time.

Since hole in ones are our business here at National Hole-In-One, we are often asked, “what are the odds of making one?” Some believe that the chances of getting a Hole In One are 10,000 to 1. Others claim that the odds are 100,000 to 1. Well, we’re here to settle the debate and you may be very surprised at the hole in one odds. Find out what the odds are of getting a hole in one.

What are the actual odds of getting a Hole In One on a par 3 hole for an amateur?

If you are an amateur golfer, the odds of making a hole in one on a par 3 hole are 12,500 to 1. For professional golfers, the odds drop significantly to 2,500 to 1.

At National Hole-in-One, we provide insurance for hole in one contests. In other words, if you are holding a hole in one contest and giving away a car, vacation, or cash prize, we’ll take the majority of the risk, so you don’t have to!

Understanding the odds of making a hole in one is very important to what we do. This information allows us to figure out the chances of someone making a hole in one during your tournament. For example, if your event has 100 amateur participants and the golf course has four par 3 holes, the odds of a player making a hole in one are 1 in 32. The chance of a participant hitting an ace no longer seems impossible, does it?

Odds of a Hole in One with Professional Golfers

If you are hosting a professional tournament, the probability of a golfer making an ace significantly increases. For example, the average Tour event has 144 professional golfers. The odds of a golfer making a hole in one during a day of golfing are 1 in 4.5. This means the chances of a golfer making a hole in one during a four-day professional tournament are 1 in 1.

You may have heard stories of two players making an ace at the same event on the same hole. Realistically, the odds of this happening are slim. Statistically, there is a 32,000 to 1 chance of this occurring. Maybe you have also heard the tale of the professional golfer that hits three consecutive hole in ones during the same tournament. The chances of a golfer getting three consecutive aces on a par 3 course are 156,250,000 to 1. A golfer has a better chance of winning the lottery than accomplishing three consecutive hole in ones.

Either way, the odds and the event are what create true excitement. Imagine being there with a live audience- that is a memory that will last forever!

Hole in One Insurance for your Hole in One Contest

As you can see, a hole in one isn’t nearly as impossible as one may think. It is definitely not out of the realm of possibility. If you are considering holding a hole in contest at your next event, don’t go without hole in coverage.

At National Hole-in-One, we take on the majority of the risk for a small fee, while you focus on making your event a success. Holding a hole in contest is the perfect way to attract event attendees and sponsors alike. It creates excitement and the friendly competition that everyone loves to participate in and watch.

Contact National Hole-in-One for Hole in One Insurance

Are you interested in learning more about hole in one insurance for your tournament? Contact our specialists at National Hole-in-One. The more golfers participating in your event or tournament, the odds of a hole in one become real.

Without hole in one insurance, you’ll be stuck responsible not only paying for the full cost of the prize, but also handling all of the paperwork and legal risks associated! With hole in one coverage, you can walk away knowing the cost of the prize and legal risks are the responsibility of our NHIO. It’s worth the peace of mind.

Let our team handle the risk, while you focus on offering bigger and better prizes to attract attendees and sponsors to your charity event or golf tournament. For more information about hole in one insurance contest coverage, give us a call to speak with a Golf Excitement Specialist or fill out our online contact form!

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