Why We are the Best Low-Cost Hole in One Insurance

If you are looking for ways to attract sponsors and players to your next golf tournament, a hole in one contest is the perfect opportunity. With[…]


Why We are the Best Low-Cost Hole in One Insurance

American Media and Special Promotions is now Grand Prize Promotions!

We are excited to announce that American Media and Special Promotions is now Grand Prize Promotions!  [...]

5 Reasons You Hate Golf and How to Change That

If you are not an avid golfer that plays multiple times a week who has always had a passion for the sport, you could be one of golf’s worst critics. Are you jealous of those who have been blessed with a talent for the sport that was denied to you? Does spending four hours stuck on a course with no cell phone, no entertainment, and only the stress of a few too many water hazards make you want to take up bowling? We can identify.[...]

Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage

Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage[...]

Tiger Woods on the Rise

Tiger Woods is one of the biggest names in the world of sport. Over the last five years, you can be forgiven if you thought that Tigermania was over forever and that every disappointing tournament finish might be the last for the storied career of Tiger Woods. However, the not-so-quiet rumblings that the youth phenomenon of golf and the 14-time Major winner might just be ready for a second act.[...]

Attention Tournament Directors: Here's How to Run a Successful Golf Tournament

A golf tournament is a brilliant way to host corporate clients or a fundraising event. It's also a great way to sell additional sponsorships and maximize profits at the same time. Follow the initial steps below to get started and be sure to download our step-by-step guide- it will help you begin planning 12 months in advance and includes all of your necessary follow-up, pre and post tournament.[...]

Why You Should Gear Your Next Tournament Towards Ladies

Long gone are they days that Golf stands for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.” While golf was once a male dominated sport, there is a growing population of women who are joining the sport at a high level both professionally and recreationally.[...]

Fun Facts About Hole In Ones

A hole in one is a surprising feat that all golfers try to achieve at least once in their life, with most of them failing to achieve it. While a hole in one has a lot to do with skill, it also has to do a lot with luck. For years, golfers try to achieve those lucky shots that only take one swing. If you’re just as fascinated by hole in ones as we are, here is a list of fun facts about hole in ones.[...]

Odds Of Making A Hole In One

A hole in one is the perfect combination of luck and skill. You need both to shoot a perfect ace! While it seems impossible to shoot a hole in one from over 100 yards away, it really isn’t. Although rare, professional and amateur golfers make hole in ones all the time.[...]

You Won’t Believe How Former PGA Tour Pro John Morgan Celebrated His Hole In One

How would you celebrate a hole in one? Give the crowd a big fist pump? Would you run around the golf course? Spray champagne? Kiss your husband or wife? Former PGA Tour Pro John Morgan gave the crowd an unforgettable surprise at what was the most underrated celebrations in recent history. Former PGA tour pro John Morgan sunk an ace at Cumberwell Park in Wilkshire, UK at a shootout hosted by a British investment company. Ablrate hosted a $100,000 main prize for a Par 3 hole in one! Unfortunately, all 26 participants missed the shot. That’s when John Morgan decided to take a hit.[...]


Are you looking for ways to make your next event more enticing? Do you want to find a way to appeal to a broader audience and attract attendees? How would you like to offer spectacular prizes at your next tournament or sporting event while paying only a fraction of the cost with none of the risk? While it may sound too good to be true, it isn’t with the help of National Hole-In-One (NHIO).[...]