Million Dollar Shot Video

There is no greater excitement than watching a golfer take a shot at a Million Dollars! So much excitement surrounds this event and it is sure to[…]


Million Dollar Shot Video

Tips for Getting a Hole in One

One of a golfer’s greatest hopes is to achieve a hole in one. Accomplished by few, getting a hole in one is a golfer’s ultimate dream, which requires great skill and lots of luck. Some players – even great players – go their whole lives without one, while some complete beginners can get several with their beginner’s luck. Even on the PGA tour, with professional golfers who have dedicated their livelihood to the sport, hole in ones are few and far between. But, that’s not to say it never happens. For instance, Norman Manley of California holds the records for most hole in ones with 59! Either Norman has perfected his hole in one skills or that is a lot of luck.[...]

The Best Golf Tournament Prizes

Are you in charge of planning a successful golf tournament fundraiser? Of the many aspects of planning a golf tournament, prizes and giveaways are of the utmost importance. You’ll want to choose golf tournament prizes that appeal to players and encourage them to continue to donate.[...]

Best Hole in Ones of All Time

A hole in one is what every golfer dreams of accomplishing in a lifetime. In one amazing swing, the ball lands right in the cup. It doesn’t get much better than that![...]

How to Secure Golf Tournament Sponsorships

If you are planning a golf tournament, finding sponsors may feel like a daunting task. While sponsors are key to maximizing profits at your golf tournament, where do you start? How can you conduct outreach? What will sponsors get in return? There are many aspects to consider in golf tournament sponsorship, but with a little bit of planning, you can make your golf tournament a true success by securing great sponsors. Check out these tips for securing golf tournament sponsorships at your next charity golf event.[...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Organizing a Golf Tournament

Golf season will be here before you know it! National Hole-in-One (NHIO) is the perfect one stop shop when getting your hole in one coverage and additional items, but with 30+ years in the business, we can also help when it comes to planning your tournament.[...]

What is a Bonus Prize?

You may have heard us talk about bonus prizes recently, especially considering our newest packages have the best bonus prizes in the industry (not a humble brag, we’re proud of it and openly bragging to everyone!). However, we realize that not everyone exists in our world and the words “bonus prizes” may not fit into your vernacular. So we are here to lay it all out for you. [...]

Top 8 Gifts Under $100 For Your Golf Enthusiast

The Christmas Season is here! That means chilly nights, busy streets, hot chocolate, and presents! It’s a season for family, and a season for giving. You’ve spent countless hours prepping for the family dinners and decorating your heart out. In all the hustle and bustle, you realize you forgot that one gift. That gift for your golf lover, and you’re in a panic.[...]

American Media and Special Promotions is now Grand Prize Promotions!

We are excited to announce that American Media and Special Promotions is now Grand Prize Promotions!  [...]

5 Reasons You Hate Golf and How to Change That

If you are not an avid golfer that plays multiple times a week who has always had a passion for the sport, you could be one of golf’s worst critics. Are you jealous of those who have been blessed with a talent for the sport that was denied to you? Does spending four hours stuck on a course with no cell phone, no entertainment, and only the stress of a few too many water hazards make you want to take up bowling? We can identify.[...]

Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage

Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage[...]