Best Golf Apps of 2019

The days of relying solely on your golf professional for weekly lessons to elevate your golf game are gone. In this technology driven world, there[…]


Best Golf Apps of 2019

How to Plan a Charity Golf Tournament

The date is set for your Charity Golf Tournament but now you are wondering where to begin. Look no further, our 2019 Golf Event Planner is readily available to help you begin planning right away. Our Planner begins 12 months out from your tournament and provides a step-by-step outline for the months leading up to your tournament. Here is an overview of what to expect:[...]

Million Dollar May Bundle

Our most exciting and successful promotion of 2018 is BACK... the Million Dollar May Bundle! This promotion allows you to add a Million Dollar Shot onto your Hole In One contract for only $180! Why add on this shot you ask? Wouldn't you want to watch a golfer have a chance at winning a MILLION DOLLARS? The answer is yes! We know we would want to watch. The Million Dollar Shot is going to create a buzz surrounding your tournament that you won't find with any other contest. This buzz attracts those big name sponsors you are looking for, bringing in maximum revenue for your tournament![...]

The World's Most Extreme Golf Courses

Do you love to take risks, especially when you are playing your favorite sport- golf? Well, we’ve got some of the world’s most extreme golf courses that you have to check out! From really warm weather to freezing weather, there is a course to satisfy whatever temperature tickles your fancy. Even if you would never actually want to go play them, you’ve at least got to read about each of them. Here we go…[...]

Video Blog: Raise Money for your Tournament with our Masters Bundle


Raise More Money With Our Masters Bundle

Are you in charge of this year’s golf tournament and want to raise more money than last year, but aren’t quite sure how? Look no further! Our Masters Bundle promotion will help you accomplish this by attracting those BIG name sponsors to your event that will draw a bigger crowd and help you raise some mega bucks![...]

Masters 1, 2, 3 - Book in March and get your contract for free!

If this past weekend's The Players Championship showed us anything, it's that golf is back and more fun than ever. With The Masters only a few weeks away, we have a contest to get you ready and save some money on your 2019 contract. [...]

Why We are the Best Low-Cost Hole in One Insurance

If you are looking for ways to attract sponsors and players to your next golf tournament, a hole in one contest is the perfect opportunity. With hole in one contest insurance from National Hole-in-One, you can advertise the chance to win big spectacular prizes while paying only a fraction of the cost and assuming none of the risk. At National Hole-in-One, we make giving away exciting prizes simple, affordable, and risk free. And, if should someone shoot an ace, we’ll cover the costs for you! Find out why we are the best low-cost hole in one insurance company and learn more about our hole in one insurance rates.[...]

Masters 1, 2, 3

Who doesn’t love a good hole in one contest that comes with a chance to SAVE money? And who doesn’t count the days until Masters week arrives? We are combining your love for both of those things in our new promotion![...]

Welcome Bridgestone Golf, our newest 2019 Bonus Prize Partner!

We are happy to announce that Bridgestone Golf will be one of our new bonus prize partners for the 2019 season! That means you can choose to receive the same ball that Tiger Woods plays on the tour or get the golf ball that fits your game with Bridgestone Golf's unique ball fitting technology. [...]

Tips for Getting a Hole in One

One of a golfer’s greatest hopes is to achieve a hole in one. Accomplished by few, getting a hole in one is a golfer’s ultimate dream, which requires great skill and lots of luck. Some players – even great players – go their whole lives without one, while some complete beginners can get several with their beginner’s luck. Even on the PGA tour, with professional golfers who have dedicated their livelihood to the sport, hole in ones are few and far between. But, that’s not to say it never happens. For instance, Norman Manley of California holds the records for most hole in ones with 59! Either Norman has perfected his hole in one skills or that is a lot of luck.[...]