The World's Most Extreme Golf Courses


The World's Most Extreme Golf Courses

Do you love to take risks, especially when you are playing your favorite sport- golf? Well, we’ve got some of the world’s most extreme golf courses that you have to check out! From really warm weather to freezing weather, there is a course to satisfy whatever temperature tickles your fancy. Even if you would never actually want to go play them, you’ve at least got to read about each of them. Here we go…

Extreme Golf Course 1 - NHIO 

Is it cool weather you prefer? How about golfing in the Arctic Circle with greens nowhere to be found? It is possible but be prepared to take on massive icebergs and freezing cold glaciers. This course can be found 600 kilometers above the Arctic Circle! The World Ice Golf Championship takes place here and the winner of the tournament gets to be lifted up in a traditional dog sled!

Extreme Golf Course 2 - NHIOGolfing in below freezing temperatures not exactly your idea of the perfect game of golf? How about taking on the course in Indonesia that allows you to play in front of the active volcano, Mount Merapi?! The Merapi Golf Club has been known to issue volcano alerts but hasn’t had to evacuate residents since October of 2010. The last major eruption that took place was June 2006 and ended up taking the lives of two people. The deadliest eruption in history was back in 1930- the volcano took the lives of more than 1,300 people! Talk about taking a risk! 


Extreme Golf Course 3 - NHIO
You think those two courses are pretty extreme, how about having to take a helicopter to the last hole to tee off? The 19th hole at Legends Golf Resort in South Africa is actually located on top of a mountain! The green that you are aiming for, once on top of the mountain, is in the shape of Africa and is 690 yards long- definitely a long way down! We wonder if Tiger could get his ball on that green…



And the last extreme course we want to share is Bolivia’s La Paz Golf Club. This golf course is for those NOT afraid of heights. Parts of this course can be found at almost 11,000 feet above sea level! La Paz is currently considered to be the highest course in the world. Although the course is situated up high, the breathtaking backdrop features a canyon as well as the snow-capped Andes Mountains.



We hope you enjoyed reading all about the world’s most extreme golf courses! And maybe you even learned something new- who knows. Whether it is golfing in front of an active volcano or having icicles form on your face, one thing is certain… all of these courses are extreme!



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