Why You Should Gear Your Next Tournament Towards Ladies


Why You Should Gear Your Next Tournament Towards Ladies

Long gone are they days that Golf stands for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.” While golf was once a male dominated sport, there is a growing population of women who are joining the sport at a high level both professionally and recreationally.

In fact, golf is currently the fastest growing female sport and the media is building professional ladies golf as a great way to attract young women to the sport and its venues. Many country clubs used to cater solely to men, often leaving women out of the event (such as hole in one contests) altogether or just inviting them to the after parties and/or events. However, as women enter the sport in growing numbers, club owners are finding it beneficial and fun to shift their sights to ladies’ golf. Not only does it double their attendance, it provides unique sponsorship opportunities that were traditionally left on the table in more male-focused tournaments. Discover the trends in ladies golf and see how planning a ladies golf tournament can benefit your golf facility in a variety of ways.

Ladies Golf Trends

So, when did ladies golf start becoming popular and is it a growing trend? Women in golf has been growing over the years. In fact, there are 30 million female participants the World Golf Foundation is charged with having by 2017, according to Golf Week, and the number of those who are looking to try their hand at golf is on the rise. 48% of women say they want to learn golf with other beginners, according to the National Golf Foundation. Since 2006, the rise of ladies in golf has been on the upswing with a staggering 67% of new golfers being women, according to the Wall Street Journal. Competitors such as Lydia Ko and Women’s PGA champion, Brooke Henderson, are changing the face of pro golf to something much younger and more female. Not only are these individuals breaking down male-dominated boundaries, they are helping more women feel welcome to the sport. With statistics this promising, it’s safe to say that ladies golf is here to stay. Even some of the staunchest country clubs are breaking tradition to allow women into their golf club, including British golf club Royal St. George. 90% of the voters favored the decision to end the 128 year male-only policy.

Doubling your Club’s Attendance with Ladies Golf Tournaments

With women’s golf becoming so popular in recent years, it only makes sense to gear your next tournament toward them. Any golf facility can benefit from the rise in women’s competition, from increased sales of tickets and more participants. Finding ways to draw women competitors to your events can open new promotional opportunities, which can be very lucrative for your event.

Unique Sponsorship Opportunities in Ladies Golf

Along with drawing in a new crowd and increasing participation, hosting a ladies golf tournament can bring in new prize opportunities and sponsorships that cater more to women such as apparel brands, jewelry, spa packages and more.

Building a Tournament that Caters to Women Golfers

Fortunately, since planning a golf tournament is not different for male players vs. female players, you most likely already have the experience you need to make your event a success. To grow your event, we highly recommend promoting your event to women’s organizations, recruit new players, and have women-only side events such as driving range contests and hole in one contests if you are already planning a unisex competition. Your attendees have invested time and money into playing in your tournament, so it’s important to go out of the way to create an enjoyable environment and exciting prize packages to ensure positive press and attendance.

Hold a Hole in One Contest for your Ladies Golf Tournament

Looking to make your ladies golf tournament a success? Planning is key when it comes to any tournament and finding ways to entertain players and spectators can prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, National Hole-In-One insurance is the world’s largest provider of hole in one contest insurance coverage and prize coverage for golf events. With our help, you can generate buzz for your event by offering a prize worth up to $1 million for a hole in one. As your one stop shop, we can provide you with signage, banners, and prize packages that appeal to women! Call us today or fill out an online contact form to learn more about our hole in one coverage and to see how we can help make your ladies golf tournament a success!

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