Event Coverage

Worried that your event will get cancelled due to rain? Or have a no show? Our Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage can be customized to fit your needs.

We offer event protection from the costs of cancellation due to rain, wind lighting, snow and temperature.

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What are you up against? Are you facing rain, lightning, flooding or snow? Tell us your concerns and we will come up with a coverage plan.

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Unfortunately, golf tournaments and other events can get rained out, causing grief and hardship for event organizers. Why? Rain outs and cancellations cause a substantial loss of non-refundable deposits with additional expenses like refundable entry fees and the loss of the much needed revenue for charitable causes. Let us help prevent the loss by equipping you with Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage!

As a valued member of National Hole-In-One, we are pleased to offer you and your event protection from the costs of cancellation due to rain, wind, lighting, snow, temperature or other weather events.

Other Coverage We Offer

Non-Appearance Coverage

Worried that you have headliners or a speaker that might not show for your event? Our Non-Appearance Insurance will help give you a piece of mind.

Film Shoot Coverage

Have problems with not enough sun, too many clouds or too much wind? We offer Film Shoot Coverage to help cover these issues.

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