Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular contest held during a golf tournament is the Hole In One Contest. The tournament director or sponsor usually insures the prizes offered by acquiring a hole in one coverage policy. A Hole In One coverage policy from NHIO allows the purchaser to feel at ease should a golfer make a Hole In One during the tournament. If this rare event occurs, National Hole-In-One is responsible for covering the costs of the prizes. Hole In One prizes can include anything from cash awards to prizes like jewelry, cars or anything with a monetary value! Hole In One coverage starts at $114 and covers the cost of prizes won by hitting a Hole In One on par 3 holes. In addition to Main Prize hole coverage, National Hole-In-One offers Bonus Prize packages that include a variety of golf equipment, golf trips, and other prizes. Our prize package also includes signs at every par 3 hole to inform golfers of what they can win.
In order to give you a quote, we need the number of players, the value of the prize awarded for a Hole In One Contest, and the yardage of the hole(s) on which it is offered. • If you are unsure of the total number of players in your tournament, consider estimating on the high side. If you find you have fewer players than anticipated, with our Traditional Contract, you can request a refund up to the tee time of your event. • The longer the yardage (of the hole the main prize is offered on), the lower the rate. • We will cover anything of value. Simply give us the dollar value and a description of the prize you are offering. • If your tournament is longer than one day, you must specify if you want coverage for multiple days.
When you purchase our contest coverage, you are indemnified from all of the risks that may arise as the result of offering prizes for a Hole In One Contest. When you use National Hole-In-One as your coverage provider, we take responsibility by covering the costs of the prizes. Here is an example of how it may work, let us say that XY&Z Association is sponsoring a golf charity tournament with roughly 100 golfers attending. The XY&Z Association and their partners have decided to ‘add-on’ a promotional Hole in One Contest to hole 3, which is a Par 3 measuring 165 yards. This means any contestant who is successful in making a Hole In One on hole 3 will win $10,000 cash as a prize. Before the event, XY&Z purchased a National Hole-In-One Contest coverage package for $215. When John Carter and Jane Porter both make a Hole In One on hole 3 during the event, they are both awarded checks for $10,000. Because the XY&Z Association purchased National Hole-In-One Prize Insurance, NHIO writes the $10,000 checks, leaving the total out-of-pocket cost for the XY&Z Association at only $215.
NHIO wants your golf tournament to be fun and highly successful. It is our job to come up with the best ways to make that happen. To accomplish this goal, we have created several exciting contest coverage packages. We can provide you with Shootout Contest and Hole In One Contest coverage. Let us explain the differences between the two contests so you can pick the one that best suits your tournament’s needs. Shootout Contests are a terrific way to cover the costs of the tournament, they happen at the conclusion of the tournament. Once the tournament has ended, the group gathers to watch a golfer swing for a high-stakes prize. It is not as inclusive as a Hole in One Contest as it only allows one golfer to compete for the grand prize. Considering the high value of the prizes, you could choose to hold a Shootout for one shot at a $100,000 cash prize for as low as $214. The Million Dollar Shootout brings out large crowds and can even help subsidize the event. During the Million Dollar Shootout, a single golfer gets the opportunity to play for the Hole In One. This player, from 165 yards away or longer, gets to take one swing at the hole. Pricing starts at $180, when purchased with tournament Hole In One insurance and is paid out as a 40-year annuity. A lot of our clients call and state that they want to have a Million Dollar Hole in One Contest. If your tournament only has 100 participants, this option can be very expensive. You can sell raffle tickets and let the golfer that wins the raffle play for the prize. If you like, you can even split the raffle proceeds with the winning golfer and/or your charity sponsor. A Hole in One Contest, the most popular, works on a similar premise. While both involve a onetime Hole In One shot, this tournament takes place during the round. It also allows every golfer a chance to participate in the prize-winning contest. The value of the prize can be altered to meet your needs. We can offer coverage for anything of high value, including cash, cars and vacations of various monetary values. Just like with the other contest, you choose the prize amount. The cost of the Hole in One Contest is determined by the number of golfers that participate in the tournament and the value of the prizes. National Hole-In-One includes the grand prize and even offers additional prizes for the other par 3 holes. Having several contests on your course the day of the tournament is one way to increase the amount of participants in your tournament. Hole in One Contests give every golfer in your tournament the opportunity participate in a contest. Having a hole in one contest also adds an element of surprise during the course of the tournament. Spectators and participants will be looking to see who, if anyone, will win the prize on the different par 3 holes. To help you figure out which contest to select, we are more than happy to discuss with you the differences between the contests. We will then assess which contest is best suited for the event you are hosting. Regardless of the contest you decide to hold, each contest will make your golf tournament entertaining for every participant. Let us help you figure out which contest is best suited for your event, please feel free to contact National Hole-In-One for more information regarding these two contests.
Golf tournaments compete for golfers. Because of this, tournament organizers need to find ways to keep their events attractive and fun. You may be wondering how this will help your golf tournament- hosting a Hole In One Contest is one of the more exciting aspects of a tournament. No tournament is complete without a hole in one grand prize to brag about, they are extremely cost effective and easy to execute. It gives players something to be excited about while creating value and visibility for your sponsors and event. National Hole-In-One has a perfect Hole in One package to make your event memorable and successful. Start by contacting local businesses and inquire about sponsoring your event. Business sponsorships are beneficial to both parties. The businesses get visible and positive advertising while the event gets the insurance coverage it needs without spending a lot of money. Hole In One Contests create an added level of excitement. They are also our most popular type of insurance contest coverage. Other forms of coverage we offer is putting and shootout insurance coverage. A golf tournament that features multiple contests encourages the participation of more golfers. Many tournament organizers find it difficult to decide which tournament contest is the better option. A buzz of possibly winning a grand prize or a bonus prize, makes your tournament something that people will be talking about long before and long after the event is over. Here is a quick list of what NHIO does for tournaments: • Adds an element of excitement to your golf tournament by giving each participant a chance to win a prize • Increased visibility for your sponsors • Our services are affordable and easily executed • Packages feature the highest quality signs in the industry Our tournament products include: • Signs that are personalized to represent your sponsor or company • On time delivery, even with rush orders • Package includes an oversized main prize sign • Oversized bonus signs for each Par 3 holes (up to 5)
Witness requirements are based on the prize value. All witnesses must be event non-participants, age 18 or over, of good moral character, and appointed by the association member as follows. • Prize limits up to $5,000 require only playing partners as witnesses. • Prize limits from $5,001 to $50,000 require one non-playing witness. • Prize limits from $50,001 to $100,000 require two non-playing witnesses. • Prize limits from $100,001 to $250,000 require two non-playing witnesses (one of which is a PGA Certified Golf Professional or a Law Enforcement Officer). • Prize limits $250,001 and above require a PGA Certified Golf Professional and videotape of all eligible shots, by a second non-playing witness.
By providing exciting Hole In One prizes, we help attract more participants to your tournament or charity event. Golfers are motivated by the idea of competing for some prize-winning opportunities by making that once in a lifetime shot. We are happy to provide a list of Prize Package samples to help you better understand the types of prizes we would like to offer your event. Our Prize Package prices are sure to entice you, with prizes guaranteed to excite your golfers. Some prizes offered by National Hole-In-One: • $10,000 Cash • $50,000 Cash • Harley Davidson • Hawaiian or Las Vegas Vacation • 2 Year Lease – Mercedes E350 • Sea Ray Boat
Even though the odds of a Hole In One from 150 yards away are slim, it does happen. Actually, it happens more often than you would think. There are a number of websites that provide statistics about the chances of an amateur player getting a Hole In One. The majority of these website statistics are unreliable. Some believe that the chances of getting a Hole In One are 10,000 to 1. Others claim that the odds are 100,000 to 1. Because our business is based around knowing these statistics, we guarantee that we know the real chances of this occurring. This knowledge also allows us to determine the probability of these events occurring at your tournament.
The odds are 12,500 to 1. For professional golfers, the odds drop to 2,500 to 1. Knowing this information allows us to figure out the chances of someone making a Hole In One during your tournament. If your event has 100 amateur participants and the golf course has four par 3 holes, the odds of a player making a Hole In One are 1 in 32. The chance of a participant hitting an ace no longer seems impossible, does it? If you are hosting a professional tournament, the probability of a golfer making an ace increases. The average PGA tournament has 144 professional golfers. The odds of a golfer making a Hole In One during a day of golfing are 1 in 4.5. The means that the chances of a golfer making a Hole In One during a four-day PGA Tour tournament are 1 in 1. It can certainly pay to be a skilled golfer. You have probably heard stories of two players making an ace at the same event on the same hole. Realistically, the odds of this happening are slim. Statistically, there is a 32,000 to 1 chance of this occurring. Maybe you have also heard the tale of the professional golfer that hits three consecutive Holes In One during the same tournament. The chances of a golfer getting three consecutive aces on a par 3 course are 156,250,000 to 1. A golfer has a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery than accomplishing three consecutive Holes In One. Either way the odds and the event are what creates true excitement and a Hole In One is a memory that will last forever.
Tournament organizers that are considering purchasing prize coverage for the first time seem to be under the impression that it will be too costly for their small event. The costs associated with this type coverage can range from $200 to $1000 or more, depending on your coverage package and how many golfers are attending your event. Before you think coverage is out of the realm of possibility, consider the benefits of sponsorship. At National Hole-In-One, the majority (70 to 90 percent) of the prizes for these contests are sponsored. This means that the name on the signs for the contest is not the same name as the event’s organizers. Actually, the majority of events that have contests like this are not sponsored by the event organizers. You are probably wondering who sponsors Hole In One contests. The answer may surprise you. Many local businesses are willing to take part in these events. A large number of these contests are sponsored by local car dealerships. These businesses get a tremendous boost from the advertising potential. Because of this, businesses are willing to spend the money to support a local golf tournament’s Hole In One contest. Contact us today for more ideas of how you can get your event sponsored and sign up for National Hole-In-One coverage.
Yes. First submit a quick Hole In One quote for your event. Once entered, you will receive a temporary password by email, allowing you to create an account online. From there, you can create an actual quote that can be reviewed or modified as needed. Once the quote reflects your final requirements, you may then bind hole in one coverage by credit card payment online — no later than 12:00 midnight the day prior to your event.
Obtaining a quote does not bind Hole In One event coverage. Payment and signed contract must be submitted prior to tee time.
You can make changes to any archived quote that you created. Any changes to your Hole In One coverage must be made to your archived quote before payment is made and Hole In One coverage is issued. If you have already submitted payment and need to make changes, please call one of our Golf Excitement Specialists at (888) 527-6944 prior to the start of your event.
Not a big deal. If you’re playing on a 9-hole course, the target hole must be designated by hole number and whether it will be on the front or the back nine holes of play.
An Ace is a Hole In One or “ace in the hole”, which occurs when a golfer hits a ball from the tee into the hole with one swing or stroke. Usually, this rare shot occurs on par 3 holes. These holes have a shorter distance from the tee to the hole than par 4 or par 5 holes. Considering that the likelihood of achieving a Hole In One is 12,500 to 1, the majority of golfers may never achieve one in their lifetime, which makes aces a very exciting event to witness. When a large prize is up for the win, one can see how much more exciting an Hole In One or ace can be. Can you imagine a Million Dollar Shootout? We see these more often than you would expect and make for a thrilling experience for the million dollar winner as well as the bystanders.
We pay for each and every Hole In One that is achieved during your event for a prize valued up to $100,000. That means that every participant in a tournament gets a chance to win the prize. In 1998, National Hole-In-One coverage provided two players with new Mercedes-Benz cars when they aced the target hole in the Carmel Country Club Pro Am. We have also paid out two Hole In One prizes in the same tournament of $100,000.
No. A mulligan is a free shot sometimes given a golfer in informal play when the previous shot was poorly played. Mulligans are not eligible to win a hole in one prize.
Amateurs play golf for recreation only. Club Pros teach and/or work at golf courses. Touring Pros make their living playing golf.
We consider it to be the greatest of past times. Playing one round of golf usually consist of 18 holes of play, with each player taking a shot at each of the 18 holes, which takes an average of about 4 hours.
A shot is defined as a “stroke” by the USGA Rules of Golf. Only one shot per player per target hole is permitted. No practice shots, mulligans or substituted shots for other players are permitted.

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