Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hole In One insurance?

What do you need for a Hole In One insurance quote?

How does it work?

Shootout vs. Hole In One?

How will it help my golf tournament?

Is there a witness requirement?

What is in a prize package?

What are the odds of making a Hole In One?

What are the actual odds of making a Hole In One on a par 3 hole for an amateur?

Can my event afford coverage?

Can I purchase coverage online?

If I get a quote am I covered?

Can we make changes to our online Hole In One Insurance?

What if we’re playing on a 9-hole course?

What is an Ace?

What is Prize Restoration?

Can a prize be won hitting a mulligan?

What do you mean by Amateur, Club Pro and Touring Pro?

What is a round of golf?

What is a shot?

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