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All golf sponsorship signage including golf signs, golf tournament banners, tee sponsor signs, and large presentation checks for hole in one contests, putting contest, million dollar shootouts and more are made by National Hole-In-One with a top of the line four-color digital printing press on long lasting durable materials.

Golf Tournament Signage Options

1 Eagle

The Eagle Option provides you with the highest quality golf tournament signage. They are laminated, weather-proof and will stand out at your event.

2 Birdie

Golf tournament signage included in the Birdie Option comes with a pre-printed design, has the fastest turnaround and is our most economical option.

3 Custom

Need something specific? Give us a call and we can help you with your golf signage design with a custom sign to fit your needs!

Our in-house, 15,000 square foot, state-of-the-art signage facility will customize, process and produce your golf signs, golf tournament banners and oversized presentation checks in a flash! We will have your order designed, printed and shipped off via FedEx as soon as it’s ready. That’s our guarantee!

We know first-hand that a good presentation is a great way to leave a lasting impression for your sponsors, contestants and patrons alike. It is our personal commitment to ensure that all your golf tournament signage printing and promotional needs are serviced with the craftsmanship and care we’ve built our name on for over 32 years.

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Types of Golf Event Sponsor Signage

Golf tournament signage is an important part of any successful golf event. They give your sponsors the visibility and recognition they desire, help golfers and participants move throughout the grounds, and bring a professional look and feel to your golf tournament. When you are placing an order for golf tournament signage, it’s important to consider the types of golf tournament signage you’ll need at your event. Here are some possibilities:

  • Welcome Banner: Your golf tournament welcome banner should be located at the entrance of the golf course. It’s important to have your Title or Presenting sponsors logos displayed prominently.
  • Activity Signs: Make a list of the events at your golf tournament. Are you holding a raffle, a hole in one contest, auction or putting contest? Make sure you have signs at all of your pre-event activities and on-course activities. Include the name of sponsors of the activities on each sign.
  • Hole Sponsor Signage: Tournament sponsored by signs or hole sponsor signs are displayed in tee boxes on various holes through the course. They provide recognition for your sponsors. Golf hole sponsor signs should be customized with the event information and sponsor’s names.
  • Directional Signs: Directional signs guide your participants throughout the course, inform players of the schedule, and help them find their way around your event.
  • Gift Bags: Consider adding magnets, clings, and golf balls into the gifts for each player. These items can also be used to support your sponsors.
  • Awards reception and dinner: Make sure to have the appropriate signage that recognizes your sponsors at the award ceremony and dinner.
  • Golf Car Signage: Each golf cart can have the sponsor name or logo and may including the name of the event as well.
  • Presentation Checks: Have a presentation check on hand during the tournament if someone should win a million dollars at the hole-in one contest or a big cash prize during a raffle!

At National Hole-in-One, we can fulfill all your golf tournament signage needs. You can choose from a variety of signs, banners, magnets, clings, or other custom pieces that will set your event apart from others! Not sure how to get started? Allow our golf tournament signage specialists to answer your questions and provide assistance.


The Importance of Golf Tournament Event Signage

Golf tournament banners and signage are incredibly important to making a lasting impression on golfers and sponsors. With golf sponsor signage, you can give your sponsors the first-class recognition for their contribution. Players will also be more likely to return year after year after you’ve made a lasting impression and branded your event with high quality event signage.

Golf Sponsor Signage Design

When designing your golf event signage, there are many considerations, including the types of signage you’ll need, what it will look like, and how big it should be. It’s important to display the companies’ names or logos and their sponsor level. Sponsors who contributed more money, like the Title sponsor, should be displayed prominently throughout the event, while presenting sponsors may take a lesser role on your golf event signage design. When it comes to the design of your banner, full-color banners will be more attention-grabbing than black and white banners.

What is the Turnaround Time for Golf Event Signage?

Many of our customers often ask about the turnaround time for golf signage. Fortunately, at National Hole-in-One, we can work fast to produce your golf tournament banners – usually in as little as twenty four hours!

Why Choose National Hole-in-One Coverage

National Hole-in-One is your one stop shop for hole in one coverage and high-quality golf tournament signage. This way, you won’t have to look for other vendors for your golf sponsor signage design needs. With over 30 years of experience, we are the leading golf tournament signage producer. You can expect nothing less than the highest quality signs and golf tournament banners, and on time shipping. We operate a state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot facility to develop custom golf tournament signage such as tee box signs, sponsor boards, banners, and more, which will leave a lasting impression on guests and event attendees. If you are looking for golf event signage fast, our team will deliver! We work to provide our customers with golf event signage as quickly as possible and can provide turnarounds in as little as 24 hours! Get in touch with our golf sponsor signage specialists today to learn more. Choose from a variety of signs, banners, magnets, clings or custom golf sponsor signage pieces that set your event apart from others!


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Choose from a variety of signs, banners, magnets, clings or custom golf sponsor signage pieces that set your event apart from others!

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