Ideas for Hockey Promotions

Promotion: SCORE SHOT

This is one of our Hockey favorites! The contestant must align themselves at the far blue line or at the center of the ice. Should they make the shot through the target opening and then into the open net, SCORE! They WIN!

Promotion: DOT TO DOT SHOT

Participants will try to shoot their puck diagonally across the ice from one designated face off dot to the other dot. Should the puck land right on top of the opposite face off dot, they WIN!

Promotion: RAPID FIRE

Finalist will line up at center ice. 20 seconds will be posted on the clock and the finalist will have to make 20 goals into the open net. If all 20 shots are made, then you have a winner!

Promotion: GOLDEN GOAL

A designated period and exact time will be predicted before the game starts. Should a home team player score a goal during the specific time, that lucky fan wins the grand prize!


Select a specific occurrence for each period that will be played. Here are a few examples: 1st Period: Goalie Goal, 2nd Period: Hat Trick, etc. Should the specific event occur in the selected period, that fan will be your grand prize winner!

Promotion: BANK SHOT

Are you tired of seeing those same shooting at a target competitions? Try this! Have the participant line up at the goal line and try for banking 2 of 3 hockey pucks off of the dasher boards and into the open net. If the participant makes it, they WIN!

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