Hole In One Contest Winners

We actually have WINNERS!

Who doesn’t love watching a hole in one? We’ve got plenty of them for you to see! We actually have many hole in one contest winners and enjoy celebrating with them when they do make that once in a lifetime ace! Our hole in one contest winners come from all of our various contests including the popular Putting Contest and even our largest crowd pleaser- the Million Dollar Shootout. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can add a hole in one contest to your next tournament and who knows- you may even have a winner of your own!


Putting Contest Winner
Hole In One Winner
Chevy Chuck a Puck_reduced
Chuck A Puck Contest Winner
$10,000 Hot Shot Winner_reduced
$10,000 Hot Shot Winner
football toss-2
Football Toss Winner
Golf Putt - Course - CC- WLIT
Putting Contest Winner
hole in one winner - National Hole-In-One

Hole In One Winner

Direct Mail Winner


2017 EDC Winning Putt
Putting Contest Winner