How Will It Help My Golf Tournament?

How Will It Help My Golf Tournament?

Golf tournaments compete for golfers. Because of this, tournament organizers need to find ways to keep their events attractive and fun. You may be wondering how this will help my golf tournament, hosting a hole in one contest is one of the more exciting aspects of a tournament. No tournament is complete without a hole in one grand prize to brag about, they are extremely cost effective and easy to execute. It gives players something to be excited about while creating value and visibility for your sponsors and event.

National Hole-In-One has a perfect Hole in One package to make your event memorable and successful. Start by contacting local businesses and inquire about sponsoring your event. Business sponsorships are beneficial to both parties. The businesses get visible and positive advertising while the event gets the insurance coverage it needs without spending a lot of money.

Hole in one contests create an added level of excited. They are also our most popular type of insurance contest coverage. Another form of putting contest coverage we offer is shootout insurance coverage. A golf tournament that features contests encourages the participation of more golfers. Many tournament organizers find it difficult to decide which tournament contest is the better option.

A buzz of possibly winning a grand prize or a bonus prize, makes your tournament something that people will be talking about long before and long after the event is over. Here is a quick list of what NHIO does for tournaments:

  • Adds an element of excitement to your golf tournament by giving each participant a chance to win a prize
  • Increased visibility for your sponsors
  • Our services are affordable and easily executed
  • Packages feature the highest quality signs in the industry

Our tournament products include:

  • Signs that are personalized to represent your sponsor or company
  • On time delivery, even with rush orders
  • Package includes an oversized main prize sign
  • Oversized bonus signs for each Par 3 holes