Non-Appearance Coverage

When planning an event with a key individual, it can be financially devastating if that performer or speaker doesn’t show up. If your event relies on one person, and the success of the event depends on this person, it can be disappointing and costly if that individual is unable to attend - especially when it is last minute and unexpected. The loss of potential profits, as well as non-refundable deposits, can be significant and a huge financial burden. Fortunately, there is a solution. Event organizers can get protection with non-appearance coverage from National Hole-In-One.

National Hole-In-One provides non-appearance coverage to prevent the loss of irrecoverable expenses should a person who is vital to the successful production of an event fail to appear. If you are worried that a headliner or speaker may not show for your event, our coverage policy will give you peace of mind.

When No-Appearance Coverage Should be Considered

No-show coverage could be applied to a keynote speaker, band that fails to appear for a concert, celebrity appearance, or other headliner. Typically, no-show coverage can be applied to many type of events, like music and touring, corporate events, live broadcasts, trade-shows and award-shows, and sporting events. When covered, the covered party is able to receive coverage for their expenses and/or projected profit, depending on the type of coverage.


National Hole-In-One provides event organizers with the best coverage coverage, so you can protect yourself against the risk of substantial financial loss following the cancellation of your event.


How is No-Show Coverage Calculated?

To calculate the cost of no-show coverage, underwriters will take into consideration the age of the key person, their medical and loss history, and the location of the event. The policy cost will also depend on whether the organizer wants to cover prepaid expenses made, expected profits, or both.


What is Covered for a No-Show

There is a lot of risk involved when planning an event that depends on the appearance of one or a group of vital people. A performer, keynote speaker, or celebrity may not show-up to your event for a variety of reasons. Non-appearance coverage will benefit the event organizer from the financial consequences of cancelling the event if he or she fails to show up to the event for the following reasons:

  • Death, illness, or accident
  • Death of the person’s spouse, partner, parents, or children
  • Illness or accident of the person’s spouse, significant other, parent or child
  • The person’s spouse, partner, or child has been hospitalized for more than 5 work days following a life-threatening accident.

There may be a number of outside factors like national mourning, terrorism, civil commotion, venue damage, or political unrest, which could contribute to an important individual not showing up to the event.


Unfortunately, accidents, illnesses, and other serious life-threatening situations happen all the time, causing vital individuals to have to cancel their event. With no-show coverage, you can protect yourself from significant financial loss due to the cancellation of an event because of a no-show.


Submitting a Non-Appearance Coverage Claim

If your event budget exceeds $250,000, the coverage provider will normally request a medical examination of the vital person if the reason is due to sickness, accidental wounding, or death. The examination will be performed by an appointed doctor from the coverage company. It’s important to note that pre-existing medical conditions are not normally covered under a non-appearance coverage benefit.


Non-Appearance Coverage Exclusions

There are a few exclusions you should be aware of when it comes to non-appearance coverage. For example, non-appearance coverage may not cover no-shows that have participated in a stunt, if the situation is drug or crime related, if they have lost their voice, or if they simply are not willing to show. Non-appearance coverage will not cover costs otherwise payable under workers compensation.


Why Choose National Hole-In-One for Non-Appearance Coverage

When looking for non-appearance coverage, National Hole-In-One is your number one source. See why more people are choosing National Hole-In-One for no-show coverage:

  • Customized Coverage: Our team of specialists will ask you a number of questions to better understand the type of coverage you are looking for.
  • Competitive Rates: We provide competitive non-appearance coverage rates to protect you against significant financial losses.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your policy.
  • Exceptional Partners: Non-appearance coverage policies are underwritten by A+ Rated Great American Insurance


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