Putting Contest Coverage

Start and finish your event with a bang with one of our contest add-ons from as low as $100!

How Does Putting Coverage Work?

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2 Tell Us About your Event

We’ll ask you how many golfers will participate in the event and the distance of the putt.

3 Select a Prize

Determine the cash value of the prize for your putting contest. We can cover cars, trips, shopping sprees and more, and will customize your quote based on your prize needs.

4 Get Covered

Our putting coverage rates cover the prize of the putting contest, as well as added benefits such as a putting contest sign and oversized check.

 A Putting Contest is a great way to entertain and interact with your golfers, generate additional sponsor revenue and create fundraising opportunities for your charity.

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Contest add-ons are the perfect way to add excitement and spruce up any event or golf tournament

National Hole-In-One provides comprehensive putting coverage, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of offering a unique grand prize, while assuming little risk. Putting Contest Coverage covers the cost of your selected prize and National Hole-In-One assumes full responsibility should someone make the qualifying putt.

With our affordable putting coverage, if someone should make the qualifying putt, we’ll fulfill the prize, so you can stay on budget. The grand prize can be cash, a new car or vacation packages, and with the help from National Hole-In-One, the options are endless! If you choose a grand prize of $10,000 or greater, the lucky finalist(s) will be awarded for just qualifying!

Why Host a Putting Contest

There are many reasons a putting contest can benefit your golf tournament. A putting contest adds a unique twist to your next tournament and can attract golfers and sponsors alike. It’s a great way to generate buzz about the tournament and create a lasting impression for years to come. Here are some ways a putting contest can benefit your golf tournament:

Raise Money for Charity

There are a few ways you can use your putting contest to support philanthropic efforts. You can have half of the winnings benefits a charity of your choice, while the other half would go to the winner. Or, you can require golfers to buy-in to the competition for a small fee, and pool those collections for charity.

Attract Sponsors

Local and national sponsors are always looking for opportunities to associate their name with a unique event. A putting contest is the perfect way to attract sponsors to your next golf tournament. If you’ve never secured sponsors for your golf tournament, National Hole-In-One’s Golf Excitement Specialists will be happy to provide you with pointers for reaching out to sponsors in your local community.

Generate Buzz & Promote your Tournament

Best of all, putting contests will generate buzz about your event! Not only will golfers want to participate in the putting contest at your golf tournament for a chance to win the grand prize, but spectators will love watching the contest take place to see who wins!

Putting Contest Prizes

With the help from National Hole-In-One, your putting contest prize options are endless. You can promote an exotic or domestic vacation, tickets to the Masters, a cash prize worth thousands of dollars, or something that’s custom to your golf tournament! In order to come up with a customized quote that’s unique to your putting contest, we’ll just need to know the cash value of the prize. If you are looking for prizes that are attention-grabbing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Golf Excitement Specialists for unique putting contest ideas!

Why Choose National Hole-in-One for Putting Coverage

National Hole-In-One is the largest putting coverage provider and provides international putting coverage for both small and large events. See why more event organizers are choosing National Hole-In-One for putting coverage:

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We provide automatic coverage for multiple winners on the same hole at no additional cost.

Putting Contest Sign

To help you promote your putting contest, we provide high-quality putting contest signs that are extremely durable and will leave a lasting impression on sponsors, contestants, and patrons alike.

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At National Hole-In-One, we understand that everybody wants to get the best deal for putting contest coverage. That's why we offer a price match guarantee. As our promise to you, will match or beat ANY competitor's price! Ask our Golf Excitement Specialist about putting contest coverage price match guarantee!

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