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How Does Rain Coverage for Events Work?

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Unfortunately, many events can be ruined by rain and adverse weather. After organizing your event and paying non-refundable deposits, it can be a huge disappointment when your event gets cancelled due to the rain. Whether you are planning a golf tournament or organizing a parade or outdoor event, you may want to protect yourself against financial loss with rain out coverage.

Rain out coverage, also known as weather cancellation coverage, is designed to protect against a financial loss caused by rain. At National Hole-In-One, we provide comprehensive rain coverage for events, so you can recover financial losses due to cancellations caused by unpredictable weather.

When Should I Consider Rain Out Coverage

Rain out coverage is highly recommended for any events that have been planned months in advance which have high-stakes and could result in significant losses. You may be interested in getting rain coverage for events such as:

  • Golf tournaments
  • Motorsport events
  • Outdoor community events like fairs, festivals, and parades
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Film production
  • And more!

Typically rain out coverage protects large-scale events that have submitted multiple non-refundable deposits and is a way to safeguard from financial loss.


Event rain coverage is normally structured to pay a claim if a certain amount of rain falls over a certain period of time, therefore, it does not necessarily have to be continuous. You can also customize your rain coverage policy to be structured to pay if rain occurs for a certain number of hours during a certain period, regardless of the actual amount of rainfall.

When to Purchase Rain Out Coverage

It’s important to note that rain out coverage can only be purchased at least 14 days in advance of the event. You won’t be able to wait until the day prior to your event to buy a policy at the very last minute. For the best quotes, we recommend securing your weather coverage for outdoor events policy early in your planning process.


How is Rain Monitored to Submit a Rain Out Coverage Claim?

There are a few different ways in which weather can be monitored to establish a claim.

  1. Nearby Weather Station: If your event is taking place near a national weather station, then data from that station can be used.
  2. Independent Weather Observer: An independent weather observer can be hired if there is no independent weather station nearby.
  3. Weather command: if you do not want to hire an independent weather observer, it is possible to obtain data from the nearest weather command for a fee. The flat one-time fee will supply you with data from the weather command center for a specific location.


Other Types of Weather Coverage for Outdoor Events to Consider

Along with rain out coverage, there are a number of different weather coverage options for outdoor event policies to consider. In fact, weather cancellation coverage can protect you from a variety of situations. Depending on where your event is taking place, you may want to consider hurricane coverage, excessive temperature coverage, fog coverage, lightning, snow, or even hail coverage.


How Much Does Weather Cancellation Coverage Cost?

Weather coverage for outdoor events prices will range based on your unique needs, however, they typically cost in the range of 2 to 10 percent of the amount being covered. Your specific coverage costs will depend on a number of different factors like the type of event, where your event is being held, the time of year, the amount of coverage you need, and a variety of other factors. The coverage company will check the weather records and the probability of imminent weather to determine the likelihood of a loss to come up with a customized quote that’s unique to your event.


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