Shootout Vs Hole In One?

Shootout vs. Hole in One?

NHIO wants your golf tournament to be fun and highly successful. It is our job to come up with the best ways to make that happen. To accomplish this goal, we have created several exciting contest insurance packages. We can provide you with Shootout Contest and Hole in One Contest insurance. Let us explain the differences between the two contests so you can pick the one that best suits your tournament’s needs.

Shootout Contests are a terrific way to cover the costs of the tournament, they happen at the conclusion of the tournament. Once the tournament has ended, the group gathers to watch a golfer swing for a high-stakes prize. It is not as inclusive as a Hole in One Contest as it only allows one golfer to compete for the grand prize. Considering the high value of the prizes, you could choose to hold a million dollar shot for as low as $200.

The Million Dollar Shootout brings out large crowds and can even help subsidize the event. During the Million Dollar Shootout, a single golfer gets the opportunity to play for the hole in one. This player, from 165 yards away, gets to take one swing at the hole.

A lot of our clients call and state that they want to have a Million Dollar Hole in One Contest. If your tournament only has 100 participants, this option can be very expensive. You can sell raffle tickets and let the golfer that wins the raffle play for the prize. If you like, you can even split the raffle proceeds with the winning golfer.

A Hole in One Contest, the more popular of the two putting contests, works on a similar premise. While both involve a onetime hole in one shot, this tournament takes place during the game. It also allows every golfer a chance to participate in the prize winning contest. The value of the prize can be altered to meet your needs. The $25,000 cash prize is the most popular of the prizes. However, we can offer coverage for cars and vacations of various prices. Just like with the other contest, you can choose the prize amount.

The cost of the Hole in One Contest is determined by the number of golfer that participate in the tournament and the value of the prizes. National Hole-In-One includes the grand prize and even additional prizes for the other par 3 holes. These additional prizes are included in your package at no additional cost. Having several contests on your course the day of the tournament is one way to increase the amount of participants in your tournament.

Hole in One Contests give every golfer in your tournament the opportunity participate in a contest. Having a hole in one contest also adds an element of surprise during the course of the tournament. Spectators and participants will be looking to see who if anyone will win the prize during the par 3 hole.

To help you figure out which contest to select, we are more than happy to discuss with you the differences between the contests. We will then assess which contest is best suited for the event you are hosting. Regardless of the contest you decide to hold, each contest will make your golf tournament entertaining for every participant.

Let us help you figure out which contest is best suited for your event, please feel free to contact National Hole-In-One for more information regarding these two contests.