Sweepstakes Promotion and Administration

Ideas for Sweepstakes Promotions

We Provide Powerful Marketing Tools That Will Capture Data and Generate Leads!

In 1992, we established ourselves as the nation’s leading provider of prize & sweepstakes promotions. Our sweepstakes promotions are designed to help you achieve your marketing objectives at a competitive price. Every sweepstakes promotion administered provides an all-inclusive turn-key program to effectively execute a successful sweepstakes. Our expert staff handles all the hard work from start to finish, so you can reap the all the benefits. Learn more about our sweepstakes capabilities and contact us to start planning a successful sweepstakes promotion.


Why Use A Sweepstakes Promotion?

Sweepstakes promotions are an effective marketing machine that will help build brand awareness and make a lasting impression. These promotions can also be utilized to execute the following:

  • Collect Customer Information
  • Gather Data
  • Educate- Increase Sales & Profit
  • Improve Response Rates
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Provide a Competing Advantage

National Hole-In-One has been providing sweepstakes and other promotional programs for the past two decades. We are committed to providing a diverse experience with the highest quality of services for our clients. No matter what you are wanting to achieve with your sweepstakes promotion, National Hole-In-One is ready to execute!


Legal Administration

You may not realize it, but there are many rules and regulations in place when it comes to sweepstakes. We will consult your business on promotion development and implementation, ensuring your sweepstakes adheres to both state and federal laws. This way, you won’t have to worry about taking any missteps unknowingly.


Prize Fulfillment

One of the biggest questions we receive about sweepstakes is regarding prize fulfillment. How will you award prizes to winners? Fortunately, our team of specialists will take care of everything from shipping gift cards or merchandise to organizing dream vacations. When it comes to offering a prize, the possibilities are endless. Plus, National Hole-in-One will assume all the responsibility for the prize.


Why Choose National Hole-in-One for Sweepstakes Promotions

National Hole-in-One is a leading sweepstakes administrator. We have the experience and industry knowledge to guide you through the process whether this is your first sweepstakes contest, or you are an experienced sweepstakes administrator.


From start to finish, our professional team can help brainstorm game and contest ideas that work for your brand. We’ll help you execute the perfect sweepstakes that meets your overall campaign goals.

Our team has experience creating copy, design, and printing services for all your promotional pieces and program signage, so you don’t have to worry about creating assets. You’ll work with our attentive project management team throughout the entirety of your program to see your sweepstakes promotion through to its completion. Finally, we provide complete fulfillment services including prize procurement and delivery.

Contact National Hole-in-One for Complete Sweepstakes Promotions

If you are considering running a sweepstakes promotion, contact the experts at National Hole-in-One. Sweepstakes have many unique considerations, including rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Fortunately, our experienced team understands the legal side of sweepstakes, as well as the creative, to see your sweepstakes through to its completion. Our world-class service, leading industry knowledge and friendly team are what set us apart from other sweepstakes partners in the industry.


Get started planning your sweepstakes promotion with the team at National Hole-in-One. Call us today to learn how we can make your sweepstakes promotion a success. We look forward to helping you build a sweepstakes program that excites your target audience!

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