Why You Should Gear Your Next Tournament Towards Ladies

It is a golfer’s dream to produce several Hole In Ones over the course of their career, and the number of women dreaming about landing numerous career Hole In Ones is increasing significantly. While golf remains immensely popular among men, there is an ever-growing number of women who are competing at a high level. It is currently the fastest growing female sport- media attention is building professional women’s golf as a powerful brand to attract younger women to the sport and its venues.

The problem remains that there are many venues, such as traditional country clubs, that cater solely to men or only structure their events for women to be more involved with the parties and dining associated with these events. As women are increasingly becoming the competitors instead of the spectators, club owners in the know are finding ways to double their attendance by gearing their golf tournaments toward female players.

Building a Tournament that is Attractive to Women Players

The good news is that you already know how to put on a golf tournament and since golf is not yet a gender-integrated sport, there is very little that you should do when hosting a woman’s tournament that you wouldn’t when you were planning one for men. However, there are certain things that you could do during the men’s events that could make women competitors more likely to attend, such as recruiting new players or having women-only side events such as driving range contests during slow intervals in the tournament. Perhaps at the ladies’ events, you could plan similar exhibitions for the gentlemen.

Double Your Attendance and Your Pocketbook

Women competitors such as ANA champion, Lydia Ko, and Women’s PGA champ, Brooke Henderson, are changing the landscape of the women’s tour and helping the sport to become both younger and more diverse at the highest level of competition. Players have been inspired by Marta Sanz Barrio after she made a hole in one at the World’s Ladies Championship. Any golf facility can benefit from the rise in women’s competition in many ways, from increased sales of merchandise and equipment to expanded membership rolls and dues. While exclusivity builds a certain mystique, inclusion can be very profitable. Finding ways to draw women competitors to your events can open avenues of promotional engagement that you never thought possible.

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So you’re hosting an event…

How would you like to offer spectacular prizes like beach vacations and luxury cars at your next tournament or sporting event while paying only a fraction of the cost with none of the risk? While it may sound too good to be true, it isn’t with the help of National Hole-In-One (NHIO). We make giving away awe-inspiring prizes simple, affordable and risk free.

What is Hole In One Coverage?
Hole In One prize coverage is essentially a contract between an event organizer and a coverage provider. For a small fee, NHIO assumes the financial and legal risks associated with running the event’s contest. This agreement allows you, the event organizer, to offer bigger and better prizes without the hefty price tag and legal risks.

Here’s an example.
Let’s say you are the event co-coordinator for a fundraising golf-tournament and you’ve decide to offer a contest. For a donation, participants can participate in a Hole In One contest on hole #5. If a participant gets a Hole In One on hole #5, they win a brand new GMC truck.

Let’s also say you didn’t choose to get prize coverage. Against the odds someone makes the Hole In One on Hole #5. Now what? You’re responsible for not only paying the full cost of the truck, but also handling all of the paperwork and legal risks associated. With a $40,000 truck on the line it is a risky gamble without insurance.
If instead you had bought Hole In One coverage, you could walk away knowing that the cost of the truck and the legal risks are the responsibility of NHIO. All you had to pay was a fraction of the prize’s cost! Ask any of our clients and they will tell you that the peace of mind provided by our coverage is worth every penny.

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