What Do You Need For A Hole-In-One Insurance Quote?

What Do You Need For a Hole-In-One Insurance Quote?

In order to give you a quote, we need the number of players, the value of the prize awarded for a hole in one contest, and the yardage of the hole(s) on which it is offered.

  • If you are unsure of the total number of players in your tournament, consider estimating on the high side. If you find you have fewer players than anticipated, with our Traditional Contract, you can request a refund after your event.
  • The longer the yardage (of the hole the main prize is offered on), the lower the rate.
  • We will cover anything of value. Simply give us the dollar value and a description of the prize you are offering.
  • If your tournament is longer than one day, you must specify if you want coverage for multiple days.